Why ARI Water Solutions?

We provide stormwater management and water harvesting products that effectively maintain and protect our vital stormwater infrastructure and connected waterways internationally.

Stormwater: Our Biggest, Most Critical, and Most Vulnerable Infrastructure

Stormwater infrastructure is the largest network of underground infrastructure owned by councils and municipalities in the developed world, by far.

It’s critical to our ecosystems and our health. Contaminated stormwater infrastructure transforms rainwater into contaminated wastewater, which pollutes every part of the water cycle connected to it. This includes, but is not limited to, shallow groundwater,  swales, urban waterways, Water-Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) developments, inland waterways, and coastal oceans.

Stormwater infrastructure is the only connection between our only free source of water (rainfall) and our precious waterways and oceans. Every drain ever installed is open 24/7 to everything including the wind, rain, gravity, and human waste, contaminating the entire system. 

Stormwater contaminates our water ways where we fish, that our children play in, our groundwater that we so heavily rely upon and now our human health.

And yet, stormwater infrastructure is the only underground infrastructure network that governments don’t maintain. Stormwater drains are open to the elements, and no budget is given to government initiatives to manage the infrastructure.

Contaminated stormwater contaminates our water environments - damaging fishing, prawns, shellfish stocks, and more. It poses negative health effects for all marine life including dolphins, and the impacts reach up the food chain to humans. The news is scary.

Stormwater’s hyper nutrient loads, created by rotting vegetation in drains, may be feeding toxic algal blooms, which are now taking over our urban water environments - making even swimming in our waterways now risky.

Did you know?

Approximately 14 billion tonnes of rubbish is thrown into the world’s oceans every year.

There are more microplastics in Earth’s oceans than stars in the Milky Way.

Around 700 million people worldwide drink contaminated water.

Water pollution kills approximately 10,000 people every day.

You can stop this.

Featured Products

Stormwater Filtration Device


The Stormwater Filtration Device (SFD) is manufactured to be retro-fitted into any drain type. As a ‘drop-in, lift-out’ device, the SFD uses the existing stormwater drains without any amendments to the drain or grate.

ARI Wash Bay Device

The ARI Wash Bay Device has been developed and tested to be the primary filter at the entry point into the pit. It captures all physical waste as small as 63 µm as it enters the drain. This protects the pit, pick up pump, and oily water separator, drastically reducing the cost of treatment.

Order stormwater management products that actually work from ARI Water today.

Millions Spent on Products that Don’t Work

The current ‘best management practice’ for stormwater and waste management looks like this:

Fence mesh
Sand bags around drain
Fence mesh and sand bags
Sand bags around drain
Sand bags around drain
Sand bags

Do these ‘solutions’ look like they work to you?

ARI Water Products Have Been Rigorously Tested

The ARI Water team is invested in providing stormwater management solutions that actually work. We’ve tried, tested and proven our product so you can rest assured that you're getting the right product for you.

Our data has been carried out by ChemCentre (NATA) and Curtin University. A joint industry PhD rigorously tested the efficacy of ARI Water’s products that won the coveted Chancellor’s Award for Science and Engineering in 2018. These studies found that ARI Water’s products were effective in preventing stormwater contamination where other methods were not.


Units delivered


Years in the field


Accredited Trials


Council Applications

How it Works

ARI Water Solutions measure the drains, manufacture the devices, and install and service all of our products to ensure they consistently deliver proven outcomes.



Contact us, and we come to you



We manufacture custom solutions for every drain



Our SFDs are manufactured from 316 marine grade stainless steel, and made to last in the harsh conditions inside drains



We service the SFD according to waste loads



Our products last with the ARI Material (ARIM) inserts replaced yearly depending on service interval requirements

Extracted drain waste

Making Waste Reusable

ARI Water’s SFD captures waste, opening up opportunities to reuse this waste for a number of applications including: vegetation for methane production, road base for reconstitution, plastics for recycling, and more.

By capturing the waste and filtering the water at the drain opening, this most importantly means we can now open up water ‘harvesting’ using the existing infrastructure.

With our stormwater management technology, customers protect their communities and the environment in an affordable, scalable, and manageable way.

Clean your drains and get supplies for your next project with ARI Water Solutions.

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