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Providing world first and exclusive ‘at source’ drainage device that captures the waste and filters the water at the only openings into the infrastructure. We design, manufacture, supply, install and maintain our stormwater products. The Stormwater Filtration Device (SFD) is retro-fitted into existing or new drainage infrastructure around the globe.

Contaminated Stormwater Kills. And We Stop That Process.

Stormwater infrastructure is the largest and most vital urban water infrastructure system in the world. It’s also the most poisonous.

Built decades ago, the infrastructures only purpose is to capture and carry rainfall to outfalls to prevent flooding. There is no consideration for water quality.

Stormwater drains capture runoff – the water, every piece of plastic, every leaf, speck of dirt and piece of rubbish, all entering the unprotected system. With population growth and industrialisation, this infrastructure has been polluting groundwater, waterways, and oceans, creating water environments unfit for human use and consumption, biodiversity death, and toxic algal blooms. A process that continues to this day.

The idea behind ARI Water Solutions is to capture this waste and filter the water at the only entry points into the infrastructure prior to this contamination cycle starting.

Our products not only protect connected water environments from waste, but also open up rainfall - our only free water source - to reuse opportunities. All this using the existing infrastructure.

That’s why we founded ARI Water Solutions. Our products filter stormwater at the source – in the drain. They capture everything from plastic bags to fine sediment, and the only maintenance they require is being cleaned out when they’re full.

ARI ‘At Source’ Products

ARI Water Solutions has been developing stormwater management technology for over 15 years. It all began with our first version of ARI Material or ARIM. ARIM has been described as the greatest leap forward in mass water filtration technology in over 50 years. ARIM has been proven to process ‘3080 litres per minute, per square metre to 63µm’ (Microns). A coarse grain of sand is 500µm.

Our mission is to protect this ageing infrastructure, connected waterways, and oceans whilst realising stormwater as a component of future water security in as many ways as possible.

Side Entry Pit

Hinged Grate

Lift-off Grate Round

Combined Side

Entry Grate

ARI Wash Bay Device

Side Entry Pit

Hinged Grate

Lift-off Grate

Combined Side

Entry Grate

ARI Wash Bay Device

Effectively filter stormwater and construction waste with ARI Water Solutions.

Our Products Are:

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Our stormwater products retrofit into existing drains with a ‘drop in – lift out’ feature for ease of servicing.

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Our business model enables us to serve council/municipality,  construction, wetlands and Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD)  projects of any size with effective management systems.

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Promoting local manufacturing  and employment

As we expand, we establish licenced facilities to manufacture and service ARI Water products, servicing your needs whilst promoting local employment and manufacturing opportunities.

Rigorously Tested & Proven

ARI Water’s Stormwater Filtration Device (SFD) has been thoroughly scrutinised with ChemCentre (NATA) and Curtin University completing all data to date. A joint industry PhD research collaboration was completed with our technology, winning the coveted Chancellors’ Award for Science and Engineering in 2018.









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